How to use

Turn on the "Recirculation" mode for 5 minutes – warm up the lamp; open the blinds, install one of the three tubes (ear passage – tube # 1, mouth – tube # 2, sinuses – tube # 3); set the timer. At the end of the procedure, the device will turn off automatically.

Procedure mode

Recirculating mode

Press the " Fan " key – the quasar will switch to recirculating mode. You can use the "+" and "–" keys to adjust the operating time of the device. The maximum time is 12 hours.

Disinfection mode

Open the blinds, point the device towards the irradiated object; press and hold the "+" and "–" keys for 5 seconds, set the time; press "start"; the countdown timer will turn on, by default – 1 minute, during which you need to leave the room.

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